The PhD in Philosophical Sciences promotes in students the skills necessary for scientific research in the philosophical field in relation to the highest standards reached internationally. In particular, the doctorate offers specialized training in the historical-philosophical, theoretical, moral and political areas as well as in areas of architecture, bioethics, sociology of education and pedagogy which are closely connected to philosophical problems.

The doctorate is divided into three curricula.

  1. Philosophy. The specific objective of the first curriculum, "Philosophy", is the historical and theoretical deepening, in connection with research, of the philosophical disciplines, with particular attention to the themes of the comparison between civilizations, cultures and religions in the age of globalization.

  2. Bioethics. The specific objective of the second curriculum, "Bioethics", is to deepen, with a multidisciplinary method, and with reference to the different cultural orientations present in the Italian and international panorama, the problems of an ethical, psycho-sociological, economic-legal and biological order -medical connected with the development of biological and medical-surgical sciences and techniques.

  3. Philosophy of the architectural interior. The specific objective of the third curriculum, "Philosophy of the architectural interior", is to consolidate the dialogue between the various sectors of the specialist interior architectural discipline and the philosophical and humanistic studies in order to carry out innovative research projects on the theme of "live".

While qualifying its training path in one of the curricula indicated, the teaching objective of the doctorate consists, in general, in the enhancement of dialogue and comparison, on salient themes, of the contributions of all three curricula, linked by the interconnections of character philosophical.