The PhD in Philosophical Sciences provides for the organization of courses taught by the professors and tutors of the College, as well as by external and foreign experts, professors of other institutions and professional figures from the world of work, during which doctoral students will be able to deal with topics related to educational objectives and also with highly specialized topics. Along with the courses, an extensive seminar activity and participation in conferences and working groups is also planned.

During the first year, students are required to carry out compulsory, basic and common training activities equal to at least 30 credits aimed at acquiring specialist knowledge in the historical-philosophical, moral and theoretical fields, as well as 20 compulsory training credits concerning the chosen curriculum (philosophical, bioethical, architectural interior philosophy). During the second year, students are required to carry out compulsory, basic and common training activities for at least 10 ECTS and specialized curriculum training activities for at least 20 ECTS. Over the three-year period, students will have to acquire no less than 20 ECTS in educational activities of their choice, closely related to their study theme.

The doctorate also provides compulsory language training which, in addition to the teachers of the area college, also refers to the support of the University Language Center. Among its activities, the doctorate offers a specific study path aimed at writing scientific articles in English.

As part of the activities of the doctorate, students will also be able to participate in training activities organized by the Department and / or the Doctorate specifically dedicated to the presentation and management of projects and to the activities of presentation and dissemination of research results.