In addition to the possibility of continuing a qualifying course of university research training in Italy and abroad, the PhD students will acquire conceptual, communicative, relational and linguistic skills useful for carrying out all those professions that require high research content and specialized communication. : education and training, publishing and communication, cultural mediation, public administration, scientific journalism, services or personnel management offices.

More specifically, then, the three curricula that can be activated within the Doctorate of Philosophical Sciences provide the following professional opportunities:

1) PHILOSOPHY: Lifelong learning and education, teaching in high school, professional philosophical consultancy activities;

2) BIOETHICS: Inclusion in hospital or business ethics committees and consultants; ethical and bioethical consultancy for public administrations and companies.

3) ARCHITECTURAL INTERIOR PHILOSOPHY: Designer within professional and cultural bodies and structures; interior consultant for public and private companies and businesses; semiologist of the arts and techniques with ability to read architectural products and interior furnishings; project promoter in the furniture product sectors.